Adult Individual Psychotherapy

I accompany each of my clients on their own unique path of healing and self-discovery. Within a warm, compassionate, supportive, and dynamic therapeutic relationship, a space is created where relational patterns, feelings & needs can emerge, and past trauma and wounding can find expression and healing.

I offer an integration of talk therapy with somatic body awareness, resourcing, and mindfulness techniques. With this integrated approach, there is an opportunity for both acceptance and holding of your emotional experience and attention to the body’s felt experience. With techniques of Resourcing & Mindfulness, the nervous system can find more balance and regulation, and there can be relief of stressful symptoms. As your unique process of healing unfolds, you can experience increased health, happiness, and vitality.

Hannah Milan Gottsegen, MFT, SEP • License# MFT36781 • • 415.509.8813